General Guidelines

Maranatha Memorial Gardens 02The cemetery is open from 9 a.m. to sunset.

All visitors should respect the solemnity of the cemetery, and no loud noises or disorderly conduct shall be permitted upon any portion of the cemetery.

No trees, shrubbery or plants shall be placed upon or removed from any lot, except with the consent of Maranatha Memorial Gardens.

No flowers, ornaments or objects shall be kept upon any interment space after the same shall have become withered, soiled or unsightly.  In case of the failure of the owner of any interment space to remove any such flowers or other unsightly objects, Maranatha Memorial Gardens shall have the right to remove the same.  In no case will the employees attempt to find them after, nor will Maranatha Memorial Gardens be responsible for anything placed on interment spaces.

Maranatha Memorial GardensNo baskets, glass, crockery, wire, metal arches, watering pots, glass cases, coverings, box containing artificial flowers, or any sort of receptacle for flowers, except such as are sunk below the surface of the lawn for the interment space containing an inner compartment which may be lifted out while moving the said interment space may be removed by Marantha Memorial Gardens.

No firearms shall at any time be brought into the cemetery or Mausoleum grounds. The only exception to this would be for a military funeral or on a regularly appointed Memorial Day or other patriotic service.

At no time is alcohol or cigarettes allowed on any of the grounds.



Preparation is something to do for those about whom you care.  However, it is a tragic fact that the majority of all funeral arrangements are made at a time of great emotional stress, often immediatley following a loss.  Why should so many spouses be compelled to perform a major business transaction on the most difficult day of their lives? 

Planning ahead helps to reduce the burden of last-minute decision-making and also helps to ensure that necessary arrangements will be taken care of when the time comes.  Purchases made before the necessary time allow the family to make important decisions at their convenience without the pressures of an emotional situation.  It is important to have adequate time to absorb information and discuss it with family. 

Pre-arranged purchases help families  save money by securing the current price of a plot.  Many families do not fully understand the costs involved in burial.  Preparing in advance can ease the emotional and financial burdens involved.  Don’t wait any longer.  Prepare today for the future needs of your family.


Above-ground burial is available at a cost comparable to traditional burial with the option of small payment plans.


We have many traditional single or double burial plots available in our cemetery at a reasonable price.